I’m not a fan of slicing mushrooms, and I don’t think there is a law that they always have to be sliced when the recipe calls for it.  I’ve found a quicker way to prep mushrooms for cooking.

After cleaning tops with a moistened paper towel.
Break out the stem completely. I use to cut off the end of the stem.
Just break the mushroom apart with your hands into as many pieces as you want.


After cooking many years, I still not sure why you salt the cooking water of ‘dry’ pasta.  Maybe a great homemade fresh pasta with maybe fresh herbs..  To me the sauce carries the main flavor.  I’ve never once said, OMG the flavor of this salted dry pasta is amazing.  Also, for someone who is a little older and is watching their salt intake, I think this comfortably a place where you can cut out the salt.  I don’t believe a dry pasta cooked in salted water, acts as an overall Umami enhancer.


I’ve been making my own natural tile floor cleaner for years.  In a spray bottle:

1/3 cup white vinegar
1/3 rubbing alcohol (hopefully you can find it again in the stores.)
1/3 water
3 drops dish washing liquid

And I personally recommend the Mr Siga mop (not a paid endorsement), bigger mop, quick to change.