A partial list of Community Volunteer Services we provide:
•Basic Business Organization Information (Accounting (Non Profit), Basic Business Startup Services)
•Basic Fund Raising/Marketing Assistance
•Web Services (Email, Website/WordPress, eCommerce, Wiki/CMS, HTML)
•Social Media Services (Business Pages: Facebook, Twitter, Custom Twitter API)
•Content Streaming Services (Video/Audio Equipment)
•Business Application Services (Most major software, both commercial and open source)
•2D Graphic Design/Printing Services (Flyers, Signs, Posters, Banners, via Photoshop and Illustrator)
•3D Graphic Design/Printing Services
•Digital Presentations/Interactive Touchscreen Digital Presentations/Exhibits including Animation Services
•Database Services
•Network Services (Windows, MAC, Linux, Novell)
•Video Surveillance, Security, and Lite Home Automation Services (Public, Commercial, and Residential)
•Children’s Interactive Touchscreen Digital Games (Organization related)
•Custom Coding (Programming) Services
•Computer Hardware Services (PC and MAC)
•Tablet and Smartphone Services (Android and iOS)
•Video and Audio Services (Editing, File Format Conversion, Film to Digital Conversion)
•Data Recovery Services
•Lite Digital Forensic Services
•Public Speaking Series – Intro to Home Security (A three part series on Alarm Systems, Video Surveillance Systems, and Lite Home Automation)


Glendale, Arizona
A partial list for Glendale, Arizona, that I currently/previously worked with:
•City of Glendale, Volunteer Commission Member


Los Angeles, California
A partial list for Los Angeles, California, that I currently/previously worked with:
•LAFD Museum
•Northeast LAPD
•Northeast LAPD (C-PAB and BLEND Non Profit)
•Fire Stations (12, 44, 50), LAFD Headquarters
•Los Angeles City Councils (1, 4, 13, 14)
•Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils (ASNC, ERNC, HPNC, GPNC, GGPNC)
•Los Angeles City Recreation and Parks
•Los Angeles City Senior Centers
•Chambers of Commerce
•Neighborhood Watches
•Homeowner Improvement Associations
•Other Non-Profit Community Organizations
•Business Neighborhood Watches
•Business Improvement Districts
•Museums and Libraries
•Other Community Associations
•Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy (Elyria Canyon Park, Mt. Washington)


A partial list of Community Volunteer Products/Items we can sometimes provide:
•Donations of previously owned computer equipment
•Custom Promotional Products (Small quantities: T-Shirts, Mugs, Other Specialty Items, etc)
•Limited Food Services (Certified Food Handlers and Certified CFO Kitchen)


Technology Advisor
Also, we can act as an objective ‘non-paid’ 3rd party advisor which assists in helping Community organizations make better decisions on a variety of Community technology projects. When necessary, we can assist in communicating with City IT and LAPD IT Departments to help the Community organizations comply with existing standards and interoperability. Generally, we are able to reduce costs on similar Community projects when we work together then when the organization works individually and purchases products and services that may not fit with existing standards/interoperability, may be redundant, and may not even be necessary.

Business Advisor
We work with the small Non Profit Board of Directors helping them with a variety of startup business services to help them achieve their goals.

Other Information
We are CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) members.

http://lafd.org/lafd-cert (external link)

For further information

Should there be an interest in one of our donations, that has value beyond the Community, potentially, there could be a cost for our consulting, services, or products/items. The cost for consulting, services, or products/items would be determined on a case by case basis.

‘ECNALAB’ is the word ‘BALANCE’ backwards. We strive for a balance in life.